"It was easy to open up about significant issues"

Deep is a genuine coach who allows you to explore and discover possibilities, often in a fun way. His style provides a liberating environment where it becomes easy to open up about significant issues. My biggest "aha" moment was when I realized that helping other people can sometimes be harmful to me. I now try to control and balance such activities. I still like to help people! Deep is the perfect coach for anyone who hesitates to articulate to other people their real struggles.

Mr. Jagpreet Singh ( Head HR)

"For those who really want to make a change"

When I reached out for coaching, I had a lot of conflicting priorities. Deep helped me to find my truth and to navigate changes. His coaching is action-focused, deeply caring and caters to those who really want to make a change. His direct style forced me to be honest with myself, to confront my fears ahead on. I loved it. It was refreshing and has changed the way I reflect and feedback to myself. I see the effect he's had on me to this day, 3 years after coaching. 100% worth the investment of my time and money.

Ms. Akansha Gupta ( Brand Management )

"Helped me connect strongly with myself"

Coaching with Deep helped me connect strongly with myself and my values. Deep has been instrumental in providing clarity to my life purpose and opening my mind to opportunities I would normally shy away from. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started my coaching sessions but post these sessions, have emerged with a confidence to succeed. As I embark on new adventures I know that nothing is impossible if I put my mind to it.

Ms. Sunnet Batra ( HR Manager )

"Deep has helped me become unstuck"

Through coaching I have realized that once you discuss with a professional coach what it is you want overtime you start automatically working towards making those ideas a reality. The key is to believe that you can achieve all you set your mind to and with the support of Deep it helped me to organize and understand my thoughts and things don't seem impossible anymore.

Mr. A.K Kappor ( Director )

"I learnt to trust myself more"

I came to Deep to explore my life choices and career options. Deep's holistic approach to coaching helped me define my personal values, think about my life purpose and dig deep into some of my 'saboteurs.'Deep consistently tried to push my boundaries and never gave up when answers wouldn't come straight away! With Deep I (re)connected with my intuition and I learnt to trust myself more.

Ms. Rachna Agarwal (Marketing Head)

"Exciting personal growth process"

Deep inspired and motivated me to define my current career path and live a life in congruence with my values and passions. He is an incredibly talented, natural coach. With Deep's optimistic vitality and consistent support, the mental stressor that come with my big career transition become an exciting personal growth process. I was able to find the right attitudes to deal with change and failure

Mr. Abhishek Singh ( Marketing Manager )

"Pushed me out of my comfort zone"

It was the first time I had done coaching and it pushed my mind outside of my comfort zone.

I have been using what I learnt in the coaching and looking into experiencing new creative activities in search of my passion. Deep has definitely helped guide me out of a low point, where I was surrounded by a lot of negative energy I had put myself into.

Mr. Vipin Tomar ( Sales Head )

"Coaching will reignite your engine"

Deep has the art of making you go deep in to your self and get your own answers.

Coaching with Deep taught me that it is only YOU who is responsible for all your actions and decisions. He helped me dissect my inner self and flush out that unknown fear that was actually masking my original self.

Mr. Deepak Raj Kishore ( Bussiness Consultant )

"I got clear on the next step"

Deep helped me have a clear vision of what I want from my career, and most importantly my life.

Even after the first session, I was able to think about my career in a structured manner, and knew the next steps I must take to reach my career goals.

Ms. Saloni Rastogi ( Brand Manager )