About Us

About Us

Through my coaching, I help people, to develop self-worth and to focus on what matters most.
From a 3 year corporate background, I understand the challenges that professionals face. I also know that there is more to people than their 9 to 5.
After leaving the corporate life, I have spent my most of the time in travelling and experience life. There is nothing like diving out of your comfort zone to make you realize that you are a newbie in life no matter what your age. Every time I travel, I find that I can view my life from the outside and find solutions or changes that I never would have seen if I had not gotten away from it all.

As we live our lives, we keep our heads down and we keep going. Any problems we have, we are in them. We always seem to have solutions for other people's problems but struggle with our own. That is because we are IN our problems and it is difficult to find solutions to something you are inside of.

You do learn a lot. About people, about the world, about life. You just don't always learn what you expect to learn. Sometimes the lessons come at unwanted times and give you unwanted truths. Sometimes you learn things you can't unlearn and see things you can't unseen.

I have seen the power of the mindset. I have seen how our thoughts can help us overcome the toughest challenges, I have experienced how we adapt to changes in our emotions, behavior and physical bodies and I know how mental clarity and focus can power us through anything.

With me, you will get someone who respects the professional side of life and cares deeply for the personal. My clients walk away more self-aware, able to engage and more focused than when they began their coaching journey.