"Those who do not move,
do not notice their chains."

Welcome To Lets Liberate

Through my coaching, I help people, to develop self-worth and to focus on what matters most.
From a 3 year corporate background, I understand the challenges that professionals face. I also know that there is more to people than their 9 to 5.
After leaving the corporate life, I have spent my most of the time in travelling and experience life. There is nothing like diving out of your comfort zone to make you realize that you are a newbie in life no matter what your age. Every time I travel, I find that I can view my life from the outside and find solutions or changes that I never would have seen if I had not gotten away from it all.
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Coaching is a journey

It is not a silver bullet. Some breakthroughs happen within minutes, others take time as you learn and grow. You go further, deeper and faster with me as your coach than you would alone.

It's unbiased and confidential

I don't guide you to a pre-specified ideal outcome. Instead, I help you to explore opportunities, to choose what is right for you and to get there.


Coaching is a investment

You put in time and effort, not just money. Coaching is not a way to outsource your problems for someone else to fix. It is a partnership that helps you grow as a human and a professional.